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The world’s most desirable caviar

HADID Caviar balances age-old tradition with cutting-edge technology to create the most delicate of delicacies. Our patience, precision and relentless pursuit of perfection combined to bring you a caviar experience fit for a king.

Along with the very highest of standards, all our caviar is halal certified, sustainable and fully traceable – all part of our commitment to creating the planet’s finest gourmet products.

Discover Your Desire

Black Edition™

Designed for the discerning palate, our Royal Imperial caviar is sought out for its exquisite flavour and succulent finish.

Sultan's Edition™

Almas (Persian for 'diamond') is simply the world`s most covered caviar, harvested from extremely rare albino Sturgeon.

Gold Edition™

One of the most prized breeds, our Royal Oscietra caviar is renowned for its excellent egg quality and nutty flavour.

Ruby Edition™

A more pronounced, saltier flavour profile that melts in the mouth and leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.

Silver Edition™

Intense flavours capture the imagination with the essence of nut and mushroom, leaving sumptuous aromas and indulgent memories.