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    Black Diamond Edition™ (Beluga)


    Beluga (Huso Huso), our finest caviar, is created with the exquisite roe of the Huso Huso sturgeon. Renowned the world over for its superior quality, taste and colour, the eggs are light to dark grey with a fine creamy taste. Beluga certainly has its reputation for being one of the most exclusive caviar in the world. It truly represents the elegance of fine caviar experience. Beluga offers astonishing and beautiful complex flavours. Appears large in size 3.3-3.5mm and the colours are typically light grey with fascinating marble effects. You’ll be left in no doubt why it’s the most sought after of sturgeon caviars.

  • £85£850


    Black Edition™ (Imperial)


    Designed for the discerning palate, our Royal Imperial Caviar (Dauricus Schrenckii) is sought out for its exquisite flavour and succulent finish. One of the rarest varieties of caviar available today, Royal Imperial Caviar is defined by large, firm plump eggs with a size of 3-3.5mm with a creamy buttery finish. Imperial Caviar is the only type of caviar that is created by two different species. It is effortlessly delightful and refined. It offers sublime buttery flavour and it is known for its complex hint of creamy, briny note. It simply melts in your mouth, leaving behind a sensual experience that invites you to more. The Imperial is certainly the epitome of exceptional caviar, it represents true sophistication in flavours.

  • £85£850


    Gold Edition™ (Royal Oscietra)


    One of the most prized breeds, our Royal Oscietra caviar (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) is obtained from the Oscietra sturgeon which can weigh up 20kg and the maturity of the fish is 9-12 years. Royal Oscietra varies in color from deep brown to gold, but our variety has the lightest colour and is the most sought after for its rich, flavour. Gold Edition has medium sized eggs boasting a smooth, velvety texture with hazelnut aroma and nutty flavour.  The Oscietra offers rich and complex flavours that truly defines the original Caspian sea caviar.

  • £90£900


    Ruby Edition™ (Sevruga Caviar)


    Sevruga is the smallest of the caviar-producing sturgeons, leading to a more pronounced, saltier flavour profile. The petite, grey to black eggs melt in the mouth and leave an unforgettable aftertaste that will linger long after your engagement ends.

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    Silver Edition™ (Baerii Caviar)


    Baeri Caviar’s trademark intense flavours capture the imagination with the essence of nut and mushroom, before finishing with buttery notes. Allow the luscious texture of the medium-size, olive to black eggs to wash over your palate, leaving sumptuous aromas and indulgent memories.

  • £15,000

    Sultan’s Edition™(Almas Caviar)


    Persian for Diamonds. Almas is undoubtedly the world’s most exclusive and coveted caviar and the world’s most expensive food. Harvesting the roe from extremely rare albino Sturgeon results in the highest quality of caviar. Complex and nuanced, with small to medium eggs with a unique translucent amber color, the Almas caviar has pleasant sensation with refined textures, and subtle nutty tone.

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