Mohamed Hadid may be the second-most famous person from Nazareth and
undeniably one of the world’s most renowned visionaries, having
distinguished himself constructing luxury hotels and mansions from New
York to Aspen, designing haute couture and now, revolutionising the
world of fine food.

A direct descendent of Daher al-Umar al-Zaydani who was known as the
“King of Galilee”, Hadid moved to Washington, D.C. as a teenager and
attended North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. From his beginnings in Washington D.C. developing and
building unique office developments, hotels and residential
developments, he laid the foundations for his real estate empire.
Mohamed remains the only person to have represented Jordan in the Winter
Olympics, having competed in speed skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympics,
aged 43.

Focusing on projects considered by many to be insurmountable, Hadid’s
insight coupled with his fusion of business desire, elegance, perfection
and the belief in stretching the realm of possibility, has led to his
creations. Constantly looking for new challenges, Hadid manages to
always surprise the world and reaching new limits. Today, Hadid brings his trademark appetite for adventure and love of life to Hadid Caviar.


Our vision is to offer the most exquisite and highest quality caviar in the world.

Hadid’s elegance and desire for perfection together with the combined experience of over 30 years in the seafood industry of the team involved in this
brand brings to the world an exquisite range of caviar to satisfy fine food lovers around the world.
Our dedicated team go the extra mile in the pursuit of perfection.
From harvesting to processing to packing and beyond, good enough simply isn’t good enough. All our farms have been intensely vetted for sustainable
production practices and the very highest quality.

Never willing to compromise, we have curated an elite portfolio of the world’s finest caviar, always delivered with panache.